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ESPN SportsCenter NFL schedule release special spoiled by ESPN reporters, which isn’t bad

April 20th, 2017 at 2:27 PM
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There are always questions about how ESPN’s journalism and business sides co-exist, and on Thursday, the journalism side rightly did something that perhaps devalued a business-side operation. That would be the two-hour SportsCenter Special: 2017 NFL Schedule Release at 8 p.m. Eastern, timed to coincide with the official announcement of that schedule by the NFL. If you went to Thursday afternoon, though, you saw a top featured news story that spoils several elements of that planned release. It isn’t just about the Patriots-Chiefs opener (which had been reported as early as Monday), but about a whole lot of details from the opening week, details that would presumably be discussed on this SC special. Here are some of those other Week 1 details in that story from ESPN reporters around the league:

Oh, and it’s not in that story, but ESPN Deportes analyst Pablo Viruega appears to have announced the second half of that MNF doubleheader:

While it may seem silly to give such play to a story that could potentially lessen the audience for your big schedule release show, handling it this way actually says good things about the journalism-business …

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