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Vikings Position Battle: Right Tackle

May 18th, 2017 at 1:48 PM
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The Vikings acquired Mike Remmers to help shore-up the right-tackle position

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It’s still a couple months before training camp is officially underway, but now that the draft is over, and most of the free agency activity is over, we can start to look at some positions where there could be some interesting battles going on for starting or depth roles as the Vikings look to upgrade their roster wherever they can.

Let’s start with right tackle.

Right Tackle

Have you noticed that the Vikings have a lot of offensive linemen on the roster that have either played mostly right tackle and/or could be a fit there? I count at least six potential candidates.

The Vikings just acquired Mike Remmers to provide an experienced veteran at the right tackle spot- and he didn’t come cheap either considering he has only been an average right tackle – so you’d have to give him the starting job by default at this point.

But that fact that Remmers has only been an average performer at right tackle – which could be his ceiling at this point in his career given his physical attributes- does open the door for competition at that spot. Let’s take a closer look.

Mike Remmers

Remmers went undrafted in 2012 and bounced around a few teams (including the Vikings) for a couple years before landing the starting gig in Carolina in 2014. He had two average years at right tackle there, followed by a below-average 2016 season primarily because an injury to their starting left tackle forced him to play out-of-position there most of the year.

Looking at his overall PFF grades, Remmers earned a 65.7 rating in 2013, 72.8 in 2014, 72.2 in 2015, and 66.1 last year. Last year, which was mostly at left tackle, Remmers earned a poor (50.0) rating in pass blocking, and an average (73.5) rating in run blocking. Presumably his pass protection rating would have been a little higher had he played right tackle all of last year, but likely still below average.

Remmers’ best year was 2015, which was an up-and-down season for Remmers, with 5 games where he rated relatively high, and the rest not-so-much. The season ended in a total mismatch against Von Miller, who went right through Remmers to multiple sacks and the Super Bowl MVP award. On the positive side, Remmers did have a streak of 425 snaps without allowing a sack.

At 6’5″, 310lbs., Remmers is adequate size for a right tackle, but reportedly has very short (31.25″) arms, and average athleticism for the position. He benched only 20 reps at his pro-day, but presumably has been able to improve his upper-body and core strength over the past five years. He has been described as a hard worker and effort guy, who also takes coaching well.

Overall, Remmers is a player most teams would prefer to be their backup swing tackle, who could get them through an injury in a pinch, rather than their starter. Nevertheless, Remmers brings some value to the Vikings as an experienced, if …

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